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A new beginning….with Mango Walnut Bread

I have dreamed of this day for a little over 2 years now…..

The day I would finally get my act together and restart my blog. It’s been a long time… too long, really… but now I’m motivated and inspired enough to make the time to get this up and running.

Many changes have taken place since I quit writing My Baking Adventures. Some good, some bad …but in the grand scheme of life, everything that happened was a learning experience. My philosophy is to always try and look at the positive side of life, because as Rod Stewart once said..

“We’ve got but one shot at life, let’s take it while we’re still not afraid..Because life is so brief, and time is a thief, when you’re undecided. And like a fistful of sand it can slip right through your hands”

Quite prophetic, isn’t it?

So…. here we are. It’s time to break out all those recipes that I’ve torn out of magazines, bookmarked on my iPad and emailed to myself…. and begin a new chapter of Megan’s Sweet Life.

Mango Walnut Bread

For my first post, I’ve chosen something that, if you know me, is quite fitting for my personality…which is to say sweet and a little nutty…. just like me.

This square of deliciousness comes from Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking From My Home to Yours” ~ which I spent a little over 2 years baking my way through as part of the “Tuesday’s With Dorie” online baking group, and this was one recipe I never tried.

** disclaimer – I ate the mangoes that I purchased for the recipe before I could make the bread. Again….if you know me, that won’t come as much of a surprise. **

This time, I vowed to exercise enough self control to get the mangoes (and to be safe, I secured a whole case from Costco!) from the cutting board into the bread.

I think I hit a 50/50 ratio with that – 1 cube for me, 1 cube for the bread……

When all was said and done, I was able to get the bread into the oven and baked, I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. However, I do think adding a bit of shredded coconut would really push this over the top.

Well, perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking over the top right now, as summer is just around the corner and that means bikinis/board shorts……….. and nothing should be “over the top” at that point 🙂

Mango Walnut Bread – adapted from Dorie Greenspan

3 eggs
¾ Cup Canola Oil
2 ½ Cups all purpose flour
1 Cup granulated sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 ½ tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ Cup (packed) brown sugar
2 Cups diced mango
¾ Cup chopped walnuts

Preheat the oven to 350˚F.

Butter an 8 ½ x 4 ½-inch loaf pan, dust the inside with flour and tap out the excess. Put the pan on a baking sheet and set aside.

Whisk the eggs and oil together.

In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, spices and salt. Rub the brown sugar between your palms into the bowl, breaking up any lumps, and then stir it in. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry, switch to a sturdy rubber spatula or wooden spoon and mix until blended-the batter will be very thick (really more like a dough than a batter) and not easily mixed, but persevere, it will soon come together. Stir in the mango and walnuts. Scrape the batter into the pan and smooth the top with a rubber spatula.

Bake the bread for 1-½ hours, or until it is golden brown and a thin knife inserted into the center comes out clean. (If the bread looks as if it’s getting too brown as it bakes, cover it loosely with a foil tent.) Transfer the pan to a rack and cool for 5 minutes before running a knife around the sides of the pan and unmolding. Invert and cool to room temperature right side up on the rack.


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