The Story of An Heirloom

Yesterday, I discovered hidden treasure. I, proverbially speaking, hit the jackpot. Found the mother lode, if you will, because while at my Dad’s hangar stealing procuring absconding taking possession of a mini fridge, I saw something I didn’t know was still in existence.

A true family heirloom. And yes Dad, I know that’s a type of tomato, but not in this case…..

What I found brought a tear to my eye and an abundance of joy to my heart. For real. So what was this masterpiece that elicited such strong emotion from me? Behold:


To the untrained eye, it’s a cutting board. But that’s where you’re wrong. It’s not JUST a cutting board. My dad made this board for my mom 30+ years ago. By hand. With love. I remember her using that board every Christmas to roll out cookie dough and pie crusts, to knead bread and chop vegetables. In fact, if you look closely, you can still see the knife/cutting marks on the board.

My father graciously offered to break out his power sander to remove the top layer of marks and make it look brand new. I think my reaction startled him, because I practically jumped across the tool bench and shouted, “NO!! DON’T TOUCH A THING!! IT’S PERFECT!!!”

Right about that time the kids looked at me kind of funny, but I shooed them away to bask in the moment and the memory.

So after we brought it home, while Alexander and Dad were busy setting up the mini fridge, I single-handedly carried the board into the kitchen, scrubbed it down thoroughly, and applied a generous layer of vegetable oil to rehydrate the wood. Then I dragged Sabrina to Lowe’s, where we picked up 6 large felt pads to put underneath it, so it won’t slide all over the counter as I use it. Although given its heft and dimension, I don’t think that’s possible.

Anyway, here it is, back in its natural habitat………the kitchen……….prominently displayed on my counter. Ready for another 30 years of use and love.


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