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MW(Dad) – The Bread

In my family, bread is something we take very seriously. In fact, it would be safe to say that bread is a crucial and elemental part of our dinner time meal planning. As in, we plan our meals around bread. But not just any bread. Only one bread in particular is worthy of such dialogue – and it is commonly referred to as:

THE Bread”

This bread is so special, that whenever I tell the posse we’re having dinner with Mom and Pop Pop, the first query is, “Pop Pop IS making “the bread”, right?


An affirmative response from me elicits fist pumps (from Alexander) and happy smiles (from Sabrina). When you taste it, you will know, because harps play, angels sing, the heavens open up and rainbows appear in the sky.

Well, maybe that’s just for me….. although I’m sure it has everything to do with the copious amounts of freshly grated parmesan cheese lovingly placed on top of those toasty golden brown slices …. perfect for eating straight out of the oven (like Alexander and I do) or used to mop up the last bits of marinara sauce in your bowl (like Sabrina does). Whatever method we chose, one thing is for certain – leftover bread is a rare occurrence – we eat it with such edacity that I’m sure anyone watching the scene would think we hadn’t eaten in a week.

Note: I expanded the directions a bit, just to clarify the fact that you should not walk away from the bread while it’s under the broiler – a few seconds too long and it goes from golden brown delicious to burnt beyond recognition…..

The Bread – Dad’s famous family recipe

My recipe involves sliced Italian bread (a bit on the thick side), EVOO, fresh minced garlic (lots), cheese (lots of cheese – because my daughter loves it), a touch of salt and pepper – and a broiler.

Lay the slices on a baking sheet – and then oil goes on first, then garlic, then cheese, then salt and pepper. Broil (watching it closely – don’t walk away!) until toasty golden brown. Remove from the oven immediately and serve.

That’s it …!!!



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