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The countdown begins….

And now….. the moment you’ve all been waiting for….. the big announcement that has been lurking on the sidelines for weeks….is to be revealed right this very minute…

Ready for this? In exactly 91 days, the posse, Daisy and myself are moving to Austin, Texas to become cattle ranchers.

The first part of that statement is true, the second half…not so much.

We are moving to beautiful, amazing, lively, spectacular Austin – not to work with the bovine species, but to embark on a new and exciting chapter of our lives. And quite frankly, it feels incredible to say it out loud, over and over again.

Although Vegas has been home for 12 years, it’s time to move on, time to experience more in life than casinos, malls full of drunken tourists, and the neon lights of the strip.

Plus, Daisy needs a cowgirl hat:


We are ready. More than ready. My to-do list is three pages long, my moving checklist is printed and ready, and I’ve spent the last few weeks on a crazy deep clean of the house, paring down and weeding out scores of items that have filled my car several times over of “stuff”….. things that have passed their prime in my world. It almost seems overwhelming, yet, it isn’t. I feel empowered with my decisions, as I have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

So be prepared for the updates and commentary over the next three months, as we have lots of exciting things happening before our move.

And one final thought for today:

“An adventure might hurt you, but monotony will kill you”…


One thought on “The countdown begins….

  1. Congratulations and best of luck on your move! Once again our paths will be a miss, as I will be in Las Vegas at the end of June. I’m trying to get out of California, but selling the house has been an exercise in futility.

    Thanks for your comment about Coco. Dogs are the best buddies ever!

    Look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.

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