Thoughts and Randomness

Thoughts and Randomness

Sabrina and I did something today that was so remarkable, so refreshing and (quite frankly) so rare, I felt compelled to come straight home and write about it.

Ready for this?

After I picked her up from work, we stopped at the local Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

For books.

Like real, made-from-paper books.

Not electronic stuff.

Actual books.

Watching her happily prance through the aisles while carrying a stack that was almost as tall as she is, made me realize that going to the bookstore shouldn’t be such an unusual occurrence. So we devised a plan to go more often….. like at least once a month. Or, when she’s read all the books she purchased.

Which could very well mean we go back next week.

Anyway, while I was in the store, pursuing the cookbook section (and for the record, I restrained from purchasing Lisa Fain’s new cookbook, The Homesick Texan’s Family Table). Why I exercised restraint, I couldn’t tell you…….

But I digress. While looking through the cookbook, I realized something interesting…… not at of the recipes have photos attached.

Which made me think…… as much as I try to post a (reasonably) good photo with the recipes on my blog, sometimes you just want to record something that you (and/or the family) enjoyed so much……and you stop yourself from posting because you don’t have a photo – good, bad, or otherwise.

And at that moment, I realized that line of thought was silly. Unnecessary.

Short story? Expect more recipes, which may/may not have photos attached.

And that’s the end of my short story.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Randomness

  1. You know, my blog has been “suffering” because I can’t seem to get photos taken and posts written the way I’d like. I just need to write funny things my kids say or posts about buying books or recipes I’d like to make sometime. Stuff. Great post.

    And did you know what else is a fun place? Libraries. You can get free books there. Yes, you have to return them, but then you know if there are certain books you really want to buy. 😉

    1. You know, I get upset with myself for not posting more often, and for putting undue pressure on myself with the photos – and we both know that’s just crazy!

      Haven’t found the local library yet, but that’s next on the list.

      After Sabrina cleans out Hobby Lobby (her second favorite store)…

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