Thoughts and Randomness

Happy July 4th!

It’s the Fourth of July… which means today we celebrate the fact that we are legally allowed to blow things up.

Oh, and American Independence Day, too.

However, much to my chagrin, fireworks (or explosives of any kind) are banned in the development we are currently residing in.

Dang it.

Armed with that knowledge, Sabrina and I are off on a mission this morning to find explosive materials fireworks, and set them off on the ranch. Right now, it’s still a very large piece of dirt, so there is no danger of setting fire to anyone or anything.

We hope…..

Anyway, Sabrina is especially excited about today, it’s one of her favorite holidays and she really goes all out – in fact, her ensemble consists of flag Converse hi-tops, a sequined flag tank top and flag aviator sunglasses.

It’s intense…. just like her sometimes……

Happy July 4th!





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