Thoughts and Randomness

Sabrina’s first solo flight

She made it. She really made it!

By a very small margin, mind you….. very small.

I’ll tell you, it was close – there were a few moments when I thought, “This isn’t going to happen”. Which I seriously would have been fine with. There are some things in life you just.can’t.force. Or is it that there are some people you just can’t force?

I think it’s both.

No matter, she made it onto that airplane by herself, and survived the 2.25 hour flight from Austin to Las Vegas.


Truth be told, Southwest Airlines was a joy to deal with. They gave me a Non Passenger Escort card, so I could go through security and wait at the gate with her until she boarded the plane. I mean, I know she’s not 5, but considering it was her first time flying alone and in an unfamiliar airport, they were very considerate and kind.

At no additional charge, thankfully…..

We tried taking a few selfies while waiting to board, but let’s be honest here – neither one of us looked our best at 4:45 this morning.

Especially me.

Oh, and she informed me that upon her return next week, I  might want to consider waiting awhile to pick her up, since she will most likely be partaking in the barbecue joints located into the airport.



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