Our Favorite Tiramisu

I recently learned, that along with an extreme fondness for Oreos, my beloved J also has an extreme fondness for Tirasmisu.

I suspect, through my exceptionally high level of intelligence, that it has something to do with his coffee addiction.

Well, maybe addiction isn’t the correct term. His propensity for several cups a day, including his proclivity for at least one grande vanilla latte with two shots of espresso per day may be a contributing factor to his caffeination fixation.

Really, though, the coffee ritual is all part of the daily grind for him (and myself, included).

Ha! I made a funny……. daily grind……..routine……. coffee….


This is absolutely the best tiramisu out there – the texture is light, it isn’t overly sweet, and if you can find ladyfingers, score extra bonus points. All I could find was angel food cake, so I sliced it up and used that instead.

Edit update: About a week ago, I found ladyfingers at HEB – in the Italian section.

Guess I should have thought to look there first……

Tiramisu – adapted from Lidia Bastianich

2 1/2 cups strong warm espresso
30 ladyfingers cookies (I used angel food cake, it’s all I could find)
6 egg yolks
¾ cup  + 1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 ¼ cups mascarpone cheese
2 cups heavy cream
1 ½ tbs. dark rum
Cocoa for dusting

A few at a time, dip the first eighteen ladyfingers in the espresso and line the bottom of the 12 x 9 x 2 inch pan with them. Sprinkle with a generous dusting of the cocoa on the ladyfingers. Set aside.

Combine the yolks and ¾ cup sugar and mix on high with a mixer approximately 10 minutes. By hand, mix in the mascarpone until incorporated and relatively lump free. Set aside.

In a mixer or by hand, whip the cream, 1/3 cup sugar and rum until stiff peaks are formed. Add the mascarpone mixture and whip again until homogenous. This is the completed filling.

Spread half of the filling on the ladyfingers in the pan. Soak the remaining ladyfingers and make a second layer (with spaces in between the ladyfingers). Sprinkle with another dusting of the cocoa. Spread the remaining filling evenly over the ladyfingers and lightly sprinkle with cocoa. Wrap, refrigerate, and chill for four to six hours–overnight is best.

Before serving, sprinkle again with a light dusting of cocoa. Slice and serve with a spoon or spatula.


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