Thoughts and Randomness

Happy New Year 2015!

Today marks the beginning of a brand new year – full of potential, possibilities, dreams, hopes, and absolutely no limits.

And for us, no hangover.

Our NYE was a low key affair, complete with this recipe for fried fish, and this recipe for beignets. We all just hung out, chatted, listened to music and the fireworks going off outside, and polished firearms.

Say what?!!! Well, at least one family member did – who shall remain nameless.

Never a dull moment around here….

Later on, J will make his Maw Maw’s traditional pork roast with sauerkraut, and we will work on the floorplan for the house, making sure that we have enough cabinet space to store all of our gizmos and gadgets. Which roughly translates to, we have figured out that we need a LOT more room.

As Dad so aptly put it, “It’s your house, make it your way”.

Very sage advice indeed.

Happy New Year!


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