Thoughts and Randomness

Thoughts and Randomness

I can’t believe it’s been 9 days since I last posted to this blog.

Oh, it’s only been 9 days, you say? That’s not long at all. However, in my current mental state, 9 days feels like 9 years. As The Queen Mother would say, “The days are long but the weeks are short”. How very true…...

So, starting at the top (which is how every good story starts, or should anyway), here’s what’s been happening: As most parents know, life with two teenagers is always interesting. The shenanigans and goings-on have certainly tested and tried my patience, sanity and (at times) my temper. I am very fortunate that they really are good young adults, and are simply exercising their right to question my intelligence at every turn. I’ve turned to long walks and quality time with my Pilates video to keep my thoughts in order and my blood pressure down. Side note: it definitely helps.

Along that line, I haven’t been cooking and/or baking as much as usual, it seems that most evenings I eat dinner solo (J is still out of town). Sabrina and Alexander’s social lives are keeping them on the go-go-go, and I have had to stop and remind myself, on more than one occasion, that I don’t have to prepare dinner for four.  And the benefit is that I get to eat whatever I want 🙂 

I’ve also made a point to set aside the time and put more work into the family cookbook, and when I read this article earlier today, I must admit that it brought a tear to my eye, as so much of our lives are centered around food, family and (my) memories of childhood dinners. And it also made me exceptionally thankful that my Mom was (and still is) a great cook.

In other breaking news, we recently acquired 6 goats at the ranch:


Say hello to Calvin (Klein), Tory (Burch), Kate (Spade), Tamara (Mellon), Stuart (Weitzman) and Cynthia (Rowley). About their names: I took the liberty of naming them after my favorite designers. The smallest one, Cynthia, will also go by the name Snowflake, as she is pure white. Mom bestowed that moniker on her, and Sabrina and I decided that will be her stage name. After all, I found her on top of the flatbed trailer the other day, standing at the front, in what looked like a scene from Titanic. I was about to get a picture, but the donkey next door started braying so loudly it startled all of them and they bolted. Anyway, the group are quite content in their new environment, as there are plenty of good eats – i.e. grass, flowers, and thistley plants they seem to enjoy – and a nifty water system I bribed Alexander and his friends to help me with. Now Sabrina is on me to procure a mini horse that she wants to name Reginald…..

Good lord.….

Speaking of Sabrina, she is thrilled to be attending prom next weekend:


I sent this picture to The Queen Mother and Dad for dress approval, to which Dad replied, “Nice dress, and by the way, WHO is that?!”

I replied, “You didn’t hear it from me, but she’s going to be 18 next month. And graduating high school.”

So amidst and amongst all of the activities, party planning, and general end-of-the-school-year hullabaloo, I have taken to preparing highly detailed Excel spreadsheets, and making copious notes in my calendar to ensure I keep track of everything.

Organization = a woman’s secret weapon. So is a loaded .45, but that’s another story…….


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