Breakfast Favorites


The best laid plans of Mice and Men oft go astray. Well known idiom? Or facts-staring-you-in-the face true story? The short answer, of course, is both. However, it rings especially true in this particular case for breakfast. I had grand plans for it. Grand plans to partake in this intoxicating combination of eggs, cheese, tortilla chips,…… Continue reading Migas

Quick Breads

Chocolate Cinnamon Bread

  The times, they are a-changin’…..     …. which means two things: I’m getting older. And so are the posse. Fortunately, “ability to adapt” is my middle name. No, of course it really isn’t, but that would be funny, wouldn’t it? Yes ……. and awkward.  Anyhoo, I am finally feeling like myself again, now that the semi-migraine I’ve…… Continue reading Chocolate Cinnamon Bread