Thoughts and Randomness

My year in review

Until this morning, I did not realize that over two months have passed since I last posted to my blog. I wish I could tell you that during that time, I have been a lady of leisure, vacationing on a tropic isle with a fruity concoction in my hand, and/or strolling the streets of Rome partaking in the incredible cuisine and architecture.

Wish is the operative word of that sentence….

The reality is that over the course of the last sixty-plus days, I (we, really) have dealt with the  horrible side of our former landlords (an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone), and moved into our new home (hooray!). My joy of finally unpacking was dampened by the discovery that multiple items from my storage unit have mysteriously disappeared – most notably my dining room table and several cartons of cookbooks.

The loss of my cookbooks hurts just as much as the loss of my table thankyouverymuch….

However, my sadness over the missing items was replaced by the joy of my parents coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They were quite pleased with their new room, which J properly dubbed “The Buckingham Suite”. Dad made himself at home, cooking breakfast every morning and then challenging me to several “Chopped-style” dinner projects at night. It was a lot of fun to cook with him, and watch him maneuver his way around the kitchen. For a man that barely cooked during my childhood, he certainly has come a looooong way….


Anyway, with 2015 rapidly coming to a close, it’s time to focus on the new year, and all the promise it holds.

It’s going to be an amazing year, of that I am sure 🙂


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