Thoughts and Randomness

Scenes from Abilene

Currently 246 miles from home – and here’s what I’m doing…

Re-learning to cook on an electric cooktop:


Which seems almost archaic, given the fact that I’ve been using gas ranges for the past 15 years. Getting the temperature range correct has been… challenging. But doable.

And sleeping in a twin bed ….. with J.


Don’t forget, he’s 6’4″. 

Remembering not to sit up straight in the aforementioned twin bed. Because they are BUNK beds. Which apparently is a “thing” for hunting lodges.


Not our actual bed. But a reasonable facsimile. Translated.. it was the only one that was made. 

Thankful for internet ….. if only to update my magazine subscriptions. Because nothing says, “I’m out in the middle of nowhere” like reading Vogue….

Running water, clean bathrooms, and cows.

Large cows.


And dust. Lots of dust.


Deer. But no antelope playing. 


Friends of deer.


And surprises in the freezer:


Um……do I even want to know?

And pretty sunsets: img_3426

And I’m grateful for the insane quiet (I can actually think and write), wine, and my obsessive  preplanning (thanks for that trait Mom!), which means we are eating well.

I even made an icebox chocolate pie for dessert tonight 🙂  






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