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Some really great dinner recipes…and two desserts

If you remember (and I’m quite sure your memory is much better than mine these days), a few weeks ago I mentioned that I have been cooking and baking every.single.night, but also have been seriously lax in procuring photographs of the finished product. And I just realized, seriously, that we have not eaten out in…… Continue reading Some really great dinner recipes…and two desserts

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Chili Lime Beer Braised Chicken

I have been vindicated. No wait….I mean validated. Kind of like a stamp on a parking ticket. And no, that does not mean I got another ticket…..sheesh……although given my history/experience with CHP and NHP over the past 12 months, it is feasible…….. Anyway, the other day, Sabrina asked me for a recipe – I can’t…… Continue reading Chili Lime Beer Braised Chicken